How To Get Started With Adult Coloring

Are you interested in adult coloring? Did you love coloring as a child, or are you looking for a way to relieve stress? Well, you can find the help you need right here. Here is everything you need to know about coloring as an adult. Here, you will find information about how to get started, basic techniques, supplies, the best coloring books, our recommendations, and much more.

1Something To Color

Soon enough, you will discover that finding free coloring pages isn’t as hard as you thought. Choose any of the free coloring pages we provide on our site or visit Amazon, bookstores near you, and many other places for the best results. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose, whether it is geometric patterns, hipster designs, detailed designs, or cityscapes.

2Something To Color With

If you are looking to do basic coloring and nothing too crazy, pencils are the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you opt for some advanced techniques or some detailed work, try a set of pencils and also markers. You can also add crayons, pens, or lead pencils as you progress.

3Use Paint To Color

If you opt for paint rather than crayons or pencils, you can experience a whole new dimension of coloring. For instance, you can use watercolor to apply a very delicate and translucent tone to the image you’re coloring, creating a soft effect. Also, a new character emerges compared to using colored pencils or crayons. You’re not limited to watercolor alone because you can also try acrylic or gouache, but we don’t recommend oil paints.

If you want the best results, try removing the particular page from the entire book before you start painting. This will prevent warping the pages underneath or for the paint to seep through. Affix the page to a rigid work surface with removable tape to prevent it from buckling whenever you’re painting.

4Use A Monochromatic Look

See it as the coloring book version of using a vintage or black and white filter on your social media platforms. Choose a neutral palette when working with your pencil, paint, or marker. You will notice that shading with a regular pencil on the image in your coloring book will make it appear less from the book but a handmade drawing. With a brown palette, it’s easy to come up with an antique look on the pages, and they'll appear like something from a different era.

5Think About Texture

Whenever you’re coloring, you need to consider all the aspects of the page. You may choose to color any tiny detail you'll find on the page. On the other hand, you can choose to color in the large areas, especially those sections where the details are completely drawn. However, they always allow the line work to show through the color such that the texture appears underneath the color.

6Don't Be Afraid To Experiment Materials

Most adult coloring enthusiasts can use up to 15 different types of pencils. Therefore, don’t be afraid to test out different pens or pencils. Make sure you choose an easy pencil for your coloring project. Note that if the pencil is too hard, the pigment will not come out properly on the paper. You will not get the same type of vibrancy when using colors.

7Mix Your Materials

You can create an incredible effect by mixing materials. A lot of people have been using watercolors in a very light manner but not too watery. Here, they use a thin wash of the pastels or watercolor to create a background color for the image. Next, they use pencils or pens to fill in the other details. You’re not limited to one material only; use different materials to create a unique piece.

8Take It Slowly

Don’t overthink whether you’re doing something right or wrong. Adult coloring is something simple to make you happy. There’s nothing much to worry about. It’s a good way to get relief from stress rather than causing anxiety or more stress when you’re doing it.

9Practice Your Technique

Don’t forget to practice because if you do it a lot of times, you will get better at it. You can work from the outside going in; for instance, start by coloring around the edges, thus staying inside the lines a bit better. You’re likely going to cross the line if you start going wild in the middle. You should build up color rather than pressing too hard; that's because pushing too hard will force the crayons or pencils to break. Relax, you’re not rushing anywhere!

Once you have mastered a few tricks, you can enjoy the satisfaction that comes with adult coloring. You can master the basics and move on to something a little more advanced, and that’s where a little fun begins. Start coloring today and have a lot of fun, thanks to these useful tips we have provided for you.

Mildred Forrester

Mildred Forrester is a mother from Danbury, Connecticut and is an elementary school teacher. Despite being in the workforce at her age, Mildred loves what she does. She has found that coloring is a great tool for dealing with depression and anxiety!